This is an interesting horse ride to do somewhere during the middle of your stay.

The ride starts in the same direction as the ride to the river. Then gallop along the gravel provincial highway where local gauchos may be seen herding some troop of cattle. Arrival at the neighboring Estancia. A stroll around the premises. A walk in the forest. Lunch at this Estancia.

After a short relax, departure for Estancia Buena Vista, passing through dense vegetation and lagoons, to arrive at this previous estancias cattle baths (similar to ours) just half way along the return leg, then along Estero “Pucu” and arrival back to Estancia Buena Vista.

A pleasant gallop of the remaining 3 kms to arrive at the main house of Estancia Buena Vista. A country style tea will then be served at one of our out posts.

Distance: 26 kms.